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We invent, design, and produce best in class products for high aerobic activities. Our products enable athletes to perform at their best and help them achieve their individual goals - no matter who they are and no matter what the weather throws at them.
We combine over half a century of science-based expertise with a deep understanding of the daily challenges athletes face. We design and develop product solutions for those driven by the desire to continuously improve. Our product teams use a systematic approach
throughout the entire development process to create the perfect tool for the job. It is a combination of stringent lab testing and reallife input that creates products that meet, exceed and set the standards for performance, durability, and protection.
Our never-ending process of improvement and a shared commitment to progress is what gets us up in the morning.
Working at the intersection of the human body and technology, our designers create products that master the elements by optimizing comfort, breathability, lightweight, weather protection, insulation and versatility. Our products embody our commitment to innovation born from understanding the specific needs of athletes and engineered to enhance their experiences — We create highly functional products using GORE® world-leading fabric technologies to deliver simplicity at the point of need.

Over twenty five years of experience, creativity and design, a unique combination of materials, extensive knowledge of athletes’ specific needs, constant testing in “action posture” during performance, selection of fabrics according to climatic variations and the various perspiration zones, and use of renowned GORE-TEX® and GORE-TEX INFINIUM™.This is the philosophy behind GORE® products and it is also why BIKE AND RUN PLANET has chosen to become the first Italian online shop exclusively devoted to marketing GORE® WEAR products.

We have made this philosophy into a lifestyle, which is the source of our mission: to provide customers with the confidence, professionalism and enthusiasm that make us unique. We know every minimum detail of the products we handle, and being great sports enthusiasts, we test them continually.Customers who buy from our site have the assurance of choosing from a wide range of cycling and running products of the highest quality, according to their own specific needs, and being able to rely on the assistance of our staff.

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